The Best Way to Get Speaking Gigs

One of our most frequently asked questions from aspiring public speakers is “what’s the best way to get speaking gigs?” Truth be told, there are several different factors that contribute to landing a paid public speaking gig that it’s impossible to name just one. Everything from your keynote content to your marketing strategy to your network outreach is important for getting booked and paid to speak. If you’re just starting out in your speaking career, here are some of the best ways to position yourself to land paid speaking gigs.

Focus on One Keynote Topic

The first step to landing a speaking gig is writing a value-packed keynote talk about a singular topic. The key to a great keynote (see what we did there?) is focusing on one topic, not a variety. Believe it or not, the more focused and specific your keynote subject matter, the better for getting speaking gigs. In your keynote, include an introduction, conclusion, and supporting stories in between that relate to your overall transformation promise.

Set up Google Alerts

Once your keynote is written and ready for the stage, it’s time to begin the hunt for speaking gigs. Google Alerts is high on our list of the best ways to get speaking gigs. We recommend setting up several specific Google Alerts that include your ideal speaking audience, location, and event type. For example, use keywords like “women’s conferences,” “business convention,” “call for speakers,” “leadership summit,” etc. Wait & watch the gig opportunities roll in!

Connect with event organizers and meeting planners on social media

As you start to think about the types of events that are right for you, you will want to start finding the key people who are in charge of booking speakers for those events.  You can find these people on the event’s website (look specifically in the “about”, “who we are” or “contact” tabs), or by doing research on LinkedIn.  Some key titles you will want to keep an eye out for are:

Executive Director 

Conference, Meetings, Event Planner

Education Coordinator

Programming Coordinator

Director of Meetings

Program Development

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