Even if you have no prior public speaking experience or a small audience – the world needs to hear what you have say.

An online professional speaker training
presented by Jess Ekstrom

Founder of Headbands of Hope, Author of Chasing the Bright Side, and Professional Public Speaker

This FREE professional speaker training is perfect for you if:

  • NYou identify as a woman.

Our goal is to help amplify diverse voices, even if you have never spoken before. Skip over all the headaches and mistakes that plague beginner public speakers! We’ll go over the tools you need to discover your unique message and craft a keynote talk that books speaking gigs.

  • NYou have a story you want to tell on stages.

You’re already off to a great start to become a motivational speaker! We’ll go over how to become a better public speaker, how to further hone your message, and to calculate your speaking fee. It’s time to negotiate for the rate you’re actually worth. (Hint: it’s a lot more than you think.)

  • NYou want more paid public speaking gigs.

You’ve come to the right place! Learn how to find paid speaking gigs and discover how to position yourself to get booked by event planners and meeting organizers.

  • NYou want to promote your work...and get paid to do it!

Have an existing coaching or consulting business? Public speaking is the BEST form of marketing around for your business because you can actually charge a fee to deliver your message while also signing new clients.

      Public Speaking is the BEST way to create impact (and income!) from the knowledge and experiences you already have WITHOUT having to be an industry expert.

      I wasn’t 100% sure what I was signing up for or If It would really work…This Is what I know now…It most definitely works…If you do the work. I’ve now got 10 speaking gigs booked!


      for this quick FREE keynote and motivational speaker training and discover how to:


      Not sure where to start? No problem! I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to uncover the unique stories, knowledge, and experiences that audiences will connect with – you don’t have to be an expert on anything to craft the perfect keynote.

      PUBLIC SPEAKING GIGS…and get paid to talk

      There are thousands of in-person & virtual events and paid speaking opportunities happening. I walk you through how to position yourself as a paid public speaker and your keynote talk so that you can confidently find and negotiate speaking engagements.


      Motivational speaking is the perfect way to make both an impact and income – my first public speaking gig was for a slice of pizza, but my SECOND speaking gig was for MUCH more than that! Find out what beginner speakers can get on just their first few speaking gigs.

      This professional speaker training has already helped thousands of women break into public speaking. Are you next?

      Tracey Ferrin

      I wasn’t 100% sure what I was signing up for or if it would really work…This is what I know now…It most definitely works…if you do the work. I’ve now got 10 public speaking gigs booked!

      Lisa Sunshine

      I just booked two paid gigs for the month of July!!!! Hot diggity!!! I negotiated one which led to booking another for January(better budget) and their next event in April is a TedX local event.

      Crystal Dreisbach

      Hey y’all, just want to put it out there that tonight I’m doing my first ***PAID**** speaking gig at Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina, and I owe huge thanks to Jess for so many things!

      Mic Drop Workshop®  #SpeakerSisters sharing their wins

      You don’t have to be an expert to start speaking.

      Hi, I’m Jess Ekstrom! I’m the founder of Headbands of Hope, author of Chasing the Bright Side, and a professional public speaker.

      Every day I meet so many amazing women with incredible stories – in fact, we all have stories and experiences that audiences can relate to.


      Most don’t know how or where to get started telling them through public speaking.

      That’s why I’m hosting this no-cost training for women who want to make an impact and an income through public speaking.

      If you’re ready to leave your mark by discovering your message and sharing it with the world, you’ve come to the right place!

      Register for the training now to learn how you can use the knowledge, stories, and experiences you already have to build a keynote talk and profitable paid public speaking business in your spare time.

      Ready to Break the Glass Ceiling and Break Into Public Speaking?

      Don’t miss out – click the button below to register for the FREE training now!

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      Disclaimer: The webinar you’re about to view is free to watch. After the free workshop, I will be offering a deeper paid program and private group called the Mic Drop Workshop Online Course. You do not have to purchase the advanced program in order to get value out of the free workshop that you’re currently watching. If you’re interested in the online course, please note that this is NOT a “get rich quick” program. Your success is up to you and you alone – you will have to put in the work to see results like the ones I speak about in the workshop.

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