The Secret to Crafting a Powerful Keynote Talk
Jess Ekstrom Keynote Talk

Picture this – you’re smiling and waving to a standing ovation after wrapping up your keynote talk in a packed auditorium. There’s a line forming in the aisle of people eager to meet you when you step off stage. Can you say adrenaline rush?  When it comes to delivering a great keynote, it’s not about how long you’re on stage for, how big your audience is, or how your slides are designed. The secret to crafting a powerful keynote lies in your transformation promise.

What is a Transformation Promise?

We know what you’re thinking – what in the world is a transformation promise? When it comes down to it, speaking is less about information and more about transformation. A speaker who can tell a cool story is a free speaker. A speaker who can use their story to transform an audience is a paid speaker. 

Think about how your audience will feel coming into your talk, and how you want them to feel leaving your talk. What is that valuable takeaway you want them to walk away with? This is your transformation promise. Break your transformation into 3 different categories: think, feel, and do. After hearing you speak, what do you want your audience to think, feel, and do differently? 


Fill in the blanks below to get started crafting your transformation promise:

After people hear me speak they will (blank – your desired outcome after speaking) because my talk will (blank – how do you want to accomplish this as a speaker).

Check out these real examples from #SpeakerSisters!

Notice how these transformation promises inspire the audience to think, feel, or do something differently in their lives. As you begin to write your talk, keep this transformation promise front and center at all times. Always ask yourself as you write, “is this helping the audience achieve the transformation I’m promising?” 

There you have it! The secret to crafting a powerful keynote talk all starts with a strong transformation promise that will change how your audience thinks, feels, or acts once they walk out of your talk. Once you’ve nailed down your transformation promise, you’ll be well on your way to finishing your keynote talk, pitching event organizers, and scoring paid gigs. 

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