How to Create a Demo Reel

If you are looking to become a paid public speaker, one of the most important ways to land a paid public speaking gig is with a demo reel. A demo reel is like a movie trailer, but instead of previewing a movie, it’s giving an event organizer a preview into your stage presence. In fact, public speakers who have a demo reel or any kind of speaking footage are 4 times more likely to get booked than those who don’t. 

“If people are going to spend $5,000 or $10,000 to book you to speak, they want to be able to know what they’re in for before you show up,” said Mic Drop Workshop founder Jess Ekstrom.

A demo reel is an easy way for event organizers and meeting planners to get a glimpse of your topic, public peaking style, and your past experience all at once. In this post, you’ll learn how to create a demo reel that helps you stand out from the crowd and land that dream gig.

Compile Footage from Past Speaking Gigs

In order to create a demo reel, you’ll first need footage of yourself speaking at past events or public speaking engagements. Ideally, you’ll have a combination of past speaking engagement video clips as well as photos to compile into a short 2-minute video.

Create Your Own Footage

If you don’t have videos, create a slideshow of photos of you backstage, onstage, and with audience members and add a voiceover. Or, create your own speaking gig! Practice your keynote on camera in a co-working space or event space. Hire a videographer to film you speaking. No one will know there’s no audience! 

Once you’ve compiled your best video clips and event photos, hire a video editor or use a video editing software like Canva or iMovie to create the final product. Don’t forget to add music!

Share Your Demo Reel

Next, once your demo reel is ready for the limelight, upload it to a hosting site like Youtube or Vimeo. That way, you can direct people with a link to view your demo reel or embed it on your website. We highly recommend that you upload or link your demo reel on your speaker website, email signature, and LinkedIn profile.

(Need help building your speaker website? Use our fully customizable GoLiveHQ Amplify Squarespace website template.)

In a world of TikToks and Instagram Reels, it’s no secret that video is the future. Why not create a demo reel to help set yourself apart as a public speaker? Not only does a demo reel showcase your speaking skills better than any text-based webpage or social media post, but it also helps event organizers get a feel for the real you.

Check out a real-life demo reel example for Mic Drop Workshop founder, Jess Ekstrom, here.

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