Speaker Sister Spotlight: Katie Quesada

Meet Katie Quesada, a speaker, storyteller, coach, and graduate of Mic Drop Academy. Katie enrolled in Mic Drop Academy in Fall 2021 to grow her speaking business from occasional events & gigs to more consistent bookings.

“I knew the fun side of speaking, but what I didn’t know was the business side of speaking,” Katie said. “That is where Mic Drop Academy dives way deep and I figured out how much to charge, who to pitch to, where I should be speaking, who my audiences are, how to nail my niche, all of those things.”

We couldn’t be more proud of Katie’s progress since graduating from Mic Drop Academy. Read more about Katie’s speaking journey below!


I spent years helping people craft their life story in 6 minutes or less from a stage. This practice created a fire within me to teach everyday people how extraordinary their stories are and how to tell them in a way that is concise and compelling. This year, I have worked with incredible brands like Nike, Zillow, and United HealthCare to work on concise and compelling storytelling in leadership.

Who is your main audience?

For individual coaching, it is female business owners ready to craft a story or keynote that is story driven and compelling. For workshops, it is any team looking to take their leadership and storytelling to the next level.

What is something you love about speaking?

I love creating a room where people feel safe to laugh, share, tell stories, and grow.

What is a struggle you’ve encountered as a thought leader and how did you overcome it?

I often struggle to take the time to work on my own projects and ideas vs. client work. I tend to fill my time with their things because writing your own stuff is hard work! I am working at this every day and don’t have the perfect solution for balance.


I really wanted to hit $50k in speaking revenue in one year, and this year I am set to do it!

What is a goal are you currently working towards and how is it going?

I am working on creating more sales offerings and email funnels that can create more passive income beyond a speaker fee.

What tip do you have for people who want to speak professionally?

Find spaces to get your reps in! Don’t wait! Find someone who will give you clear and helpful feedback.

What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

Your ability to tell stories will help you your whole life.

Follow along with Katie’s journey on Instagram and check out her website here.

Interested in joining Mic Drop Academy? Applications are now open for Fall 2023!

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