How to Turn Your Keynote Into a Book

Written by the Mic Drop Workshop Team

If you’re a professional public speaker with a signature keynote talk, a published book could be in your future. As a motivational speaker, you already have the confidence, content, and credibility to pivot into the self-published author world. Ready to add “published author” to your resume and website? Read on for our best tips on how to turn your keynote talk into a published book.

Your Talk Topic = Your Book Topic

Whatever you speak about, you can write about. Your signature keynote talk should have an established topic and transformation promise for your audience. This transformation gives event planners and audiences an idea of what they’ll walk away with after hearing you speak. Is your topic stress management, overcoming challenges, embracing your inner confidence, or something else? The outcome for audiences who hear your talk can and should be a similar outcome for your book readers. Lean into this topic as your overall brand. This is how you begin to build a name for yourself as a thought leader.

Your Talking Points = Book Chapters

Now that you have your book topic nailed down, take the structure of your talk and translate it into chapters. Your knowledge and expertise is already condensed into a keynote, so extract and expand on each of your keynote points as book chapters. What stories are you telling throughout your keynote? Use these supporting stories as the meat and potatoes of your book chapters. You may need to add more points and stories to lengthen your book, but what you’re already speaking about is a great starting point for outlining the sections and chapters of your book.

Your Audience = Your Readers

Who is your ideal audience as a keynote speaker? Keep that same audience in mind when writing your book. The great part about being both a published author and a public speaker is that you can promote your books at future events. When your audience is already captivated by your keynote talk, they’ll be eager to buy your book to dive deeper on your topic and stories.

Need ideas for how to promote your book at an event? Include a QR code on one of your slides linking to your book. Set up a table after the event to speak with audience members and sell copies of your book. Or, negotiate with the event planner to include your book as a freebie in the event goodie bags. The possibilities are endless!

Public speakers and published authors go hand and hand, and we’re here to help you capitalize on all of your content and value as a thought leader.

If you’re feeling ready to dive into the book publishing world, we’re hosting a 5-day Non-Fiction Book Writing Bootcamp starting July 13 perfect for beginner authors. In just 5 days, you’ll make the 4 most important decisions that will get you on the path to publishing this year.

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