Advance your public speaking career with these courses curated just for you, led by guest instructors on specialized topics.


Build your speaking business 101

with Kate Rosenow

In this course we’re going to teach you how to eliminate barriers and focus your time on the important things; the things you actually love doing so you can grow a thriving business.


How to Craft Your Authentic Personal Brand

with Jen Hogan & Dr. Kristine Sickels

To find your personal brand you need to take the time to define who you are, the values you bring, who you’re serving, and how to do it uniquely. We’re here to help you craft your authentic personal brand.


How to Craft a Compelling Workshop

with Katie Queseda

This is a crash course in how to take an idea and turn it into a workshop to sell anywhere where teams gather.



with Lindsay Boccardo

In this course you’ll learn the 5 essential skills to master, for people to feel more connected to you and have a more energizing experience.


Emcee Success: How to Become a Professional PAID Emcee

with Rachel Sheerin

This is for anyone who wants to command the stage in a whole new way.

HI I'M JESS ekstrom!

My first public speaking gig was for a slice of pizza and now I'm making 7-figures a year as a thought leader, keynote speaker, and author.

Everything I create is to help you tell & sell your story…so you can make a living and make a difference at the same time. Let me be straight with you – I’m not that perfectly filtered influencer on the internet that promises you the world and doesn’t follow through after that credit card is swiped.

My mission at Mic Drop Workshop is to guarantee you two things 👇

Enough about my story, let’s help you monetize your story by becoming a paid public speaker!

Mic Drop Workshop® helps women tell and sell their story as paid public speakers

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