3 Reasons You Should Publish a Book

Have you ever thought about becoming a published author? Have you been told by friends, family, or colleagues that you should write a book? If your life stories and experiences garner that response from people you know, just imagine the impact you could have on the world. Writing and publishing a book doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or out of reach. If you’re even a little bit curious about becoming an author someday, here are 3 reasons why you should publish a book.

1. You have a story to tell

First, a common hesitation we hear from women curious about publishing is that they don’t have anything to say or anything worth writing about. The truth is, we all lead different lives and have different experiences that teach us important lessons. Your unique story is worth telling, especially if there is a common theme in your life that can help others in their lives. You don’t have to be verified on social media to publish a book. You don’t have to have a Ted talk with one million views to publish a book. All you need is your story.

2. Your story can help others

When considering the theme of your book, think about it from the viewpoint of a potential reader. Picture yourself in their shoes, standing in front of a bookshelf at the store and contemplating which book to buy. What’s in it for them? Why your story, and why now? In other words, think less about providing information and more about providing transformation. If your story can help others, that’s a great starting point to publish a book. Not only can you can create income for yourself but most importantly, you’ll positively impact your readers. Win-win!

3. The world needs more voices & stories from women

In a world where men write the majority of nonfiction books, we need your voice now more than ever. It’s time to diversify the stories that are out there, starting with yours. According to a study by Mayborn, women won only 20 percent of the major prizes in nonfiction over the past 20 years and people of color won only 5 percent. So how can you help? Be a part of this much-needed change by getting your story on bookshelves where it belongs.

In reality, publishing a book takes hard work, dedication, and a passion for storytelling. But if any or all of these reasons align with you, why not explore the process of becoming an author? First, nail down your book idea and then craft a killer book proposal. You’ll be well on your way to getting published in no time.

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