Speaker Sister Spotlight: Jenn Whitmer

Meet Jenn Whitmer, who joined Mic Drop Workshop in January 2019 to pursue speaking as a career. “I loved speaking. I always received so many compliments after presentations or small opportunities I had to speak,” Jenn said. “The idea that speaking could be a career…it was like Jess said, ‘I see your dream and that’s a real thing. Here’s how to do it.'” We sat down with Jenn to hear more about her speaking platform and future speaking goals.

What inspired you to pursue public speaking? 

When the audience laughs and nods and leaves the room inspired and equipped to live in a new way. I’ve always been a teacher (literally in schools) but taking that skill to impact more people has lead me to speaking.

as a public speaker, Who is your main audience?

Business Leaders

What is a struggle you’ve encountered as a thought leader and how did you overcome it?

I lost my job because of a toxic work environment…and because I didn’t have some hard conversations that could have changed things. I was devastated. I started studying and therapy and discovering just how vital self-awareness, conflict resolution, and communication are to healthy leadership. As a recovering conflict avoider, I now practice the skills of self-awareness through the Enneagram and communication, even when I’m terrified! And I get to help other people build those skills so they can live whole, peaceful, flourishing lives.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments so far in your public speaking career?

I have a TEDx coming up after a LOT of rejections. But I think I’m more proud of the thousands of people I’ve helped.

What is a speaking career goal are you currently working towards and how is it going?

I’m working on building my speaking business up to 10 keynotes and 20 workshops this year. I have 2 keynotes so far!

What is something you love about speaking?

I love the impact of speaking in a group experience. There is a different energy from a room of people all experiencing it together. The collective joy and pain bring us together.

What tip do you have for people who want to write or speak?

Tell great stories. You have to know your info, but learn to tell great stories.

What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

That thing you love? Standing on a stage and telling a story and giving new information. Go after that.

How has the Mic Drop Workshop course and community helped you in your public speaking journey?

I have met amazing and wonderful people who were some of my early supporters and still some of my biggest cheerleaders. I’m so grateful for the start MDW gave me.

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