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5 Tips for Creating Weekly LinkedIn Content

One of the best ways to land speaking gigs consistently is to position yourself as a thought leader online as well as onstage. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing platforms for thought leaders looking to create an impact and an audience. If the last time you posted on LinkedIn was when you landed your last job, it’s time to clean up your profile and start posting consistently. Here are 5 tips for creating weekly content on LinkedIn

1. Start with Your Transformation

Once you nail down your transformation promise as a speaker, use this as the foundation for all of the content you publish online. When brainstorming ideas to post on LinkedIn, everything should relate back to your overall transformation that you provide audiences. Do you speak about overcoming stress, cultivating confidence, mindfulness, or something else? The content you create and share on LinkedIn should relate to your message and personal brand. The goal is to position yourself as a thought leader about this particular topic and become an expert that people want to hear from.

2. Videos

Videos are dominating online content, and it’s no different on LinkedIn. According to Social Insider, videos get the highest engagement on LinkedIn compared to other content shared. For speakers especially, videos are a deeper way to connect with your audience and give them a taste of your speaking style. Need ideas? For your next LinkedIn video, take your audience behind the scenes of a new project, backstage at a speaking event, or share a relevant story with a lesson. Short tips and quotes make for great shareable videos, and people love following along with a video series.

3. Articles and Documents

If you’ve scrolled on LinkedIn, you’ve most likely seen various articles and think pieces on your newsfeed. Find a relevant article to your niche and share it along with your two cents on the matter. Highlight a quote that resonated with you, or share why you may disagree with it. If visuals are more your style, create a PDF infographic or guide to share with your LinkedIn followers. Mic Drop Workshop founder Jess Ekstrom explains how to create and upload native documents in this training, 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Land Speaking Engagements.

4. Posts

When in doubt, create a classic post with an original thought or one-liner quote. Add an image to stop people’s scrolls and increase engagement. After videos, posts with images or carousels are the next best performing types of LinkedIn content. For even more engagement, tag relevant people in your post. The next time you’re speaking at a gig, share a photo or event graphic and tag the event planner to boost your credibility and get your content in front of their audience, too. 

5. Posting Schedule

No matter what form of content you choose to share, keep in mind two things: consistency and relevancy. Find a posting cadence that works for you whether it’s posting once a day or once a week. Always remember to keep your content relevant to your transformation promise. With a clear topic and posting schedule, posting on LinkedIn will become a normal part of your routine that builds your authority and audience at the same time. 

Want more tips for building a community and landing gigs on LinkedIn? Tune in to our free training, 5 Ways to Use Land Speaking Engagements, hosted by Mic Drop Workshop founder Jess Ekstrom

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