5 Things Your Speaker Website Needs

So you’ve finished your keynote and you’re ready to step on stage. Great! Now, the marketing comes in. Remember, people won’t know you’re a speaker unless you tell them you’re a speaker. Building a speaker website is crucial to showcase yourself as a professional and get more gigs for more money. Consider your speaker website a virtual handshake with event organizers so they can get to know you, your message, and your experience.

“In the eyes of the meeting planner, aside from seeing you speak on-stage in person, your speaker website is your biggest calling card for them,” said Michelle Rockwell, speaking consultant and booking manager for Mic Drop founder Jess Ekstrom. “Your website allows them to get to know you and understand what you’re an expert on.”

Keep these 5 things in mind to include on your speaker website.

1. Your Picture

First and foremost, your speaker website needs a high-quality photo of you, preferably in action on stage. Nowadays, people read less and less and focus more on imagery. No matter whether a gig is free or paid, you should always ask the event to provide photos of you speaking. Or, ask a friend or photographer to come along to your next gig and photograph you speaking, getting ready backstage, or meeting with audience members. All of these photos help paint the picture of your experience for anyone visiting your speaker website. No speaking photo? Find a photo of you in your element doing what you do best.

2. Keynote Abstract

Before booking you to speak, give people an idea of what they can expect out of your keynote. The best way to do this is through your keynote abstract, which summarizes your talk and what the audience will gain from hearing you speak. Often, meeting planners and event organizers want to know your general subject matter or key takeaways to see if your message aligns with their event and audience. Your keynote abstract is a must on your speaker website!

3. Past Client Logos

Once you start to get gigs under your belt, keep track of the companies you’ve spoken at and save their logos to a folder. Include those past client logos on your website. Instead of burying your past clients in a text paragraph, use their logos as a visual representation of your experience. Most likely, your website visitors will recognize the logos or quickly see the amount of past gigs you’ve done for reputable brands. A quick and easy credibility boost!

4. Testimonials

Not only should you include your past client logos on your speaker website, but you should also have testimonials from the event planner or company contact that booked you. Client testimonials are a powerful form of social proof that only add to your credibility as a speaker. These can be 1-2 sentences about how your talk impacted the audience or how easy you were to work with. Make sure you’re asking for testimonials after every gig so you have plenty to choose from as you grow your speaking career.

5. One-liner Quotes

A common mistake that many speakers make on their speaker website is including motivational quotes from other thought leaders. The point of your speaker website is to promote YOUR message, so only include quotes that are yours and yours only. What are the key messages that you want to share from your talk? Include some of your best one-liners or talk teasers that give website visitors a glimpse into your speaking style.

Need a real-life example? Check out Mic Drop Workshop founder Jess Ekstrom’s speaker page here! 

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