Try This Tip to Start Teaching Value to Others

May 28, 2024
Try This Tip to Start Teaching Value to Others
May 28, 2024





In this Amplify episode, Jess explores finding meaning in daily moments and the impact of sharing personal stories to inspire others positively. Reflecting on a travel experience, she uncovers gratitude and the lessons from life’s challenges.


One of the lessons the Mic Drop Workshop team teaches is called Moment to Meaning. If you can look at your day like it’s a film strip and place your finger on a moment – any moment, big or small – what would the greater meaning of that moment be?

Today, Jess unpacks Moment to Meaning and shares how it applies to becoming a more powerful, more memorable speaker.

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“Welcome to Amplify with Jess Erkstrom, a show designed to help women get out of their head and into their zone of influence. Happy Monday, everyone. Here’s some food for thought to start your week.


One of the lessons I teach in Mic Drop Workshop is called Moment to Meaning. I like it for you, and you could do this right now while you’re listening to this episode. Look at your day like it’s a film strip and place your finger on a specific moment. It can be big or small. What would it be if you could tell someone the greater meaning of that moment? This is super impactful as a speaker or an author, anywhere you’re trying to use your words for influence because people respond best to people and stories. So, by adding personal context to a lesson, you’re engaging the audience and making your lesson more memorable.


I became increasingly aware of this even though I’ve been teaching Moment to Meaning for years. But I was recently on a flight to St. Louis or from St. Louis, and it was a 5:00 AM flight. I left my Airbnb in Illinois, which is where I was staying at 1:45, drove three hours to St. Louis to get on a 5:30 AM flight to Tallahassee for a gig. That afternoon, that 5:30 AM flight got canceled due to maintenance, and I spent the next two hours frantically going to every airline, every gate, trying to find a flight. Before I literally went outside the airport and hitchhiked to Tallahassee, I finally got on a Southwest flight that would get me within driving distance so I could rent a car, and I literally made it 15 minutes before I was supposed to go on stage.


As I got on the plane, I sat beside this woman who was traveling with her elderly mother from Iowa, and she told me her mom was in her nineties and her mind has started to fade and she wanted to go see the ocean one last time while she was in good enough health. And in that moment, I found my meaning. My mind that day had been like a tornado of flight times, airline chats, agents, rental cars, time zone math, trying not to disappoint this event. And all around feeling sorry for myself for the wrench in these plans and meeting this woman and her mother reminded me how lucky I am to be able to share moments with my mom who’s still in great health and how lucky I am to now meet someone’s mom that she can have those experiences with. Every moment, even the lows, have meaning. Actually, I would argue especially the lows have meaning, and that meaning carries weight and value that other people can learn from. So don’t hold your meaningful lessons inside of you. Start sharing them with the world. So I’m going to leave you with this one thought. Don’t treat lessons like a secret. Treat them like a responsibility. When you earn the wisdom, it’s your job to share it.


It is counterintuitive to say, I only speak about X, Y, Z. This is my brand. This is my little wheelhouse. It’s counterintuitive, and yet it’s the only way people’s brains will remember you. If it’s like Lindsay can speak about anything at any time for anything, you’re not going to hire that person. They’re not even in your mind. They’re not even positioned as an expert.


This episode was edited and produced by EarFluence. And I’m Jess Estrom, your host. Remember that you deserve the biggest stage. So let’s find out how to get you there. I’ll see you again soon.”


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