Speaker Sister Spotlight: Kaitlyn Kenealy

We’re on a mission to get more women to share their stories on stage and in writing. Introducing our Speaker Sister Spotlight series, where you’ll meet real life Mic Drop and Book Pop Workshop students who are chasing their dreams of becoming professional thought leaders and creating impact and income at the same time.

First up, meet psychotherapist, speaker, and author Kaitlyn Kenealy who is using her voice to educate teen girls and adult women on the mental health and helping to break down the stigma surrounding it. This year, Kaitlyn won the Young Professional of the Year, the Woman of Achievement award, and was featured in Brainz Magazine. Her book comes out this April and she am working on creating coaching programs for her clients.

Tell us about your platform and message.

My book and speaking engagements surround mental health, self-care, and personal empowerment. My platform is based around assisting others in their healing journey while breaking the stigma of mental health.

What inspired you to become a speaker and author?

Watching Jess speak at the Women’s Fund event gave me the motivation to not only craft my speaking skills but to write my book! I took her free book workshop and then bought her courses. It was her example of the “tree” in the course that helped me narrow down my book idea and write it, plus publish it!

What is something you love about speaking or writing? Why?

Being on stage is euphoric and I feel alive. I love teaching and educating others about my passion, which is mental health.

What is a struggle you’ve encountered as a thought leader and how did you overcome it?

My own personal anxieties or imposter syndrome. Since I am a clinician I know and have the skills and techniques to work through those negative beliefs when they arise, but they still pop up and I just try to vulnerable and transparent about them. I tell or share them and then work through them.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments so far in your speaking or writing career?

Completing my book! It comes out in April 2022! I can’t wait! Truly had I never seen Jess speak I am not sure I would have ever written it!

What is a goal are you currently working towards and how is it going?

Promoting my book and continuing community engagement on breaking the stigma of mental health.

What tip do you have for people who want to write or speak?

“Start.” I do the 1% activity and discuss how to break the process down into 1% each day! It really resonates with people.

What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

The world is going to try and fit you into a box. You don’t fit into a box and that is your superpower!

Listen to Kaitlyn’s podcast, Tea Time with the Psychos.

Follow Kaitlyn on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Check out Kaitlyn’s website here.

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