Build Your Speaking Business 101


Want to know how to set up your business, create your systems, manage your speaking outreach and scale your speaking business without the headache?

Kate Rosenow, founder of Work Well With Kate, shows you step by step how to set up your speaking business for success.

What's included :

Setting Yourself Up Legally/Financially

  • Intro To Financial Management
  • Financial Management

Create Your Virtual Speaking Manager

  • Serving Your Clients Seamlessly
  • Setting Up Dubsado for Success
  • Onboarding & Managing Clients Seamlessly
  • Offboarding Clients & Getting Testimonials

Streamline & Setup Your Systems to Scale

  • Automate & Streamline Your Tasks with Systems
  • Document & Information Organization
  • Calendly Setup
  • Inbox Management 
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Software Tools Needed


  • Get Legit Checklist
  • Must Know Dates For Your Business
  • Financial Management Cheat Sheet
  • Monthly Money Date Profit and Loss Worksheet
  • Folder Organization
  • CRM Comparison Chart
  • Mastering Client Management Guide
  • The Business Owner Purse Dump
  • Business Folder Organization Template
  • Business Document Organization
  • Must Have Business Email Templates
  • Streamline Your Email Guide Template

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