5-Day Non-Fiction Book Writing Bootcamp & Community w/Jess Ekstrom


Join me for my 5-Day Non-fiction Book Writing Bootcamp & Community

Learn the most up-to-date tips on how to get your non-fiction book published and on shelves.

What's included in my Book Writing Bootcamp & Community:

Day 1 – Thursday, January 12th at 12pm EST: Decide what you want to be known for
Day 2  - Friday, January 13th at 12pm EST: Determine the audience you will serve

January 14th – January 16th – We take a break for the weekend and MLK!

Day 3 – Tuesday, January 17th at 12pm EST: Land your book title and book overview
Day 4  - Wednesday, January 18th at 12pm EST: Choose your book plan: self- publish or traditional
Day 5 – Thursday, January 19th at 12pm EST: 3 Secrets to get your book published

  • 🚀 A FULL WEEK of community support from women thought leaders, speakers, and authors just like you 
  • 👊 Q&A support from me and my team – we are here to help you get your book published and on shelves (fist emoji)
  • 📒 A Bootcamp workbook to keep you accountable and progressing through the course.
  • 🧰 Extra tips, tools & resources to make your publishing dream a reality

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