How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Written by the Mic Drop Workshop Team

Did you know that 73% of the U.S. population has a fear of public speaking? 🤯 Even some of the most notable celebrities and speakers have struggled with public speaking nerves (Nicole Kidman, Jay-Z, Julia Roberts, just to name a few). The good news is you can always use your fear as fuel to do great things. If you’re ready to feel more confident and comfortable on stage, here are 4 tips for overcoming your fear of public speaking.

Reframe Those Butterflies

Do you get clammy palms, shaky muscles, and a heart rate that’s through the roof before you step on stage? However your nerves present themselves, we challenge you to change how you look at them. Mind over matter. Believe it or not, our bodies have the same physiological response to excitement as they do to nerves. Those stomach butterflies don’t have to mean something negative – they’re positive! Reframe your inner dialogue. Instead of thinking, “I’m so nervous!” Think to yourself, “I’m so excited!” Trust us, It will make a world of difference.

The Audience Is On Your Side

Remember before you step on stage that the audience is on your side. Relieve the pressure you’re creating in your head that the audience is waiting for you to fail, fall or say something wrong. They want you to win! Instead of picturing the audience in their underwear, picture them cheering you on at the end of your talk. And if you do mess up? Embrace it. No one is looking for perfect. In fact, perfectly polished speakers whose talks seem like they could have been pre-recorded are a snoozefest. Be yourself and know that the audience wants to relax and enjoy it with you.

Start Your Talk with an Icebreaker

Think about how you can start your talk in a way that breaks the ice for the audience and for you. Maybe your icebreaker is cracking a joke, sharing a quick story, or a “raise your hand if” activity. Choose something that you’re super comfortable and confident with that gets you in your speaking groove. The audience will feed off of your energy. Bring your best joke or quick story and start off with a bang! 

Go Live on Social Media

Like with most things in life, practice makes perfect when it comes to public speaking. The more you do it, the better you’ll feel. If you don’t have any gigs coming up soon, the phone in your back pocket will do the trick. Go live on social media for 15-30 minutes to practice speaking in a live setting. Create a weekly live series, set up a one-time Q&A, or tell a personal story and lesson you learned. The first step to getting over your fear of speaking is just showing up for people and doing it!

The next time you’re feeling those public speaking jitters, pause, take a breath, and remember these tips. All it takes is a simple mindset shift, some consistent practice, and you’ll be comfortable in front of a crowd in no time. For more tips on how to become a polished and PAID public speaker, join Mic Drop Workshop! We give you all the tools and tricks to craft a killer keynote that gets you booked.

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