3 secrets to get your nonfiction book idea published and on shelves

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I went from getting rejection after rejection from literary agents and publishers to getting a six-figure publishing deal for my book Chasing the Bright Side (and that’s my book on shelves at Walmart!).

For a while, I thought Chasing the Bright Side wasn’t going to happen…less than a year later and over 75,000 copies sold, I’m so glad I persevered.

Now, I want to help more women do the same thing: get their words in print and get paid to do it.

The world needs more diverse voices out there. I’m passionate about helping women monetize their story so they can make a living and make a difference at the same time.

After I Released Chasing the Bright Side…

🎤 I got more speaking engagement requests,

💰 I could charge higher rates,

🎧 I got more press and podcast requests,

⬆️ my social media audience grew,

I got verified on my social channels,

but most importantly…

I was able to share my story in a way that helps people work through their story…and I want to help you do the same thing.

The most valuable thing we can offer others is the story we already have. 📖

for this quick FREE Training and discover how to:


Learn how to discover your book idea that serves others so you can sell it…event if you have a small audience!


We’ll walk through how to find an agent to best represent your idea so you stand out to publishers.


Not sure where to start? No problem! You’ll get a step-by-step roadmap to get your book acquired.

I went from getting rejection after rejection from literary agents and publishers to getting a six-figure publishing deal for my book Chasing the Bright Side (and that’s my book on shelves at Walmart!).

This FREE Training is perfect for you if:

  • NYou identify as a woman. We're solely focused on elevating women in the thought leadership space.
  • NYou want to write (or are already writing) a nonfiction book.
  • NYou dream of seeing your book on shelves.
  • NYou believe your personal stories can help others.
  • NYou'd like to get a book deal instead of self publish.

      This FREE Training is not for you if:

      • KYou are writing fiction or children's books. We are focused solely on nonfiction books!
      • KYou want to get published quickly. Traditional book deals are a long process, so you need to be in this for the long haul.
      • KYou're looking for a service to do the work for you. We'll show you the roadmap, but you'll put the car in drive.

      I've been working on my book for quite sometime and Book Pop Workshop is definitely the course I needed to find an agent and take this book to the finish line! She has divided the writing journey into clear and concise blocks that each provides actionable items. These questions and suggestions help us dig out what it is that we truly want to offer to the world.  Her own experience as an author allows all of us to save critical time from avoiding common pitfalls and helps to direct us straight to the 'goal-line'. If anyone is on the fence- this course is so clear, to the point and makes this whole publishing roller coaster seem manageable!

      Kate Lacroix

      Book Pop was just the course I needed to start tackling getting my book published- and not just written!  I loved the interview with Jess’s editor!  The modules on crafting a book proposal and finding an agent were super helpful!  I’ve already implemented one suggestion and am actually looking forward to creating the proposal now.  The proposal check-list is REALLY helpful! Book Pop also takes you through articulating your story and big ideal, outlining your book, and writing enough of it to start crafting the proposal!  Thanks, Jess!

      Robyn Gobbel

      I wish I had had this course available when I was writing my first book. Jess has created a practical course with easy-to-follow steps. She breaks down the writing process into manageable chunks, discusses finding a literary agent, and the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing. She openly shares her first-hand knowledge and experience with writing non-fiction. I feel confident that anyone can follow in her footsteps and create my own story with wisdom to share with others.

      Selina Krinock

      Wow! I am no newbie to online courses but what is new with this one is I don't fold my laundry, eat snacks, or scroll while learning! Nope = you will press pause every few minutes to jot down these amazing nuggets of wisdom & tips Jess is giving! You will never be bored- I made so many notes and with her downloads to take the "how" out- I am pumped to get this book finally out of my head and into the world! Finally a book writing course with some tangible tips that don't overwhelm but only get you buzzed to begin. In a world of google the how to's are out there for anything but this was like having coffee with a friend that WANTS you to get a book published and has all the tips to get you there. Just straight up author knowledge served with honesty and clarity. Book Pop gave me the jolt and confidence to stop being scared and make this book a reality. Thanks to this course, I'm excited to use all I've learned and finally make some magic happen.

      Tara Slater

      Ready to learn how to get your nonfiction book idea published and on shelves?

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      Mic Drop Workshop® helps women tell and sell their story as paid keynote speakers and authors.


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