EPISODE 31: 5 Ways to Collaborate With Other Women
March 28, 2021


Has Women’s History Month motivated you to surround yourself with and collaborate with other women entrepreneurs? I’m here for it!

In this episode of Business on the Bright Side, I’m sharing 5 ways you can collaborate with other women! From simple ideas to more complex opportunities, let’s dive into how you can grow together!


1. Swap or Trade Services (2:12)

2. Host a Giveaway Together (3:24)

3. Newsletter Swap (4:25)

4. Joint Instagram Live (5:56)

5. Create a Pop Up Course Together (6:53)

One Liner: If there is room for everyone at the top, then we might as well support each other and make it fun along the way. (8:08)

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Hey everyone, in this episode of Business on the Bright Side, I’m going to show you five ways to collaborate with other women this month and support them in light of Women’s History Month. But I’m going to take my own advice and ask you to do the same thing. It would be super-duper helpful for me if you could pause this podcast and take 30 seconds to hit subscribe wherever you’re consuming this podcast. And then if you’re on Apple Podcasts, go ahead, scroll down and give it a rating and review. These reviews are super helpful for me to get discovered and ranked so more people can listen to Business on the Bright Side and join the party. And if you take a moment to do this, I’d like to personally thank you for your review and your subscription. So take a screenshot and text it to me at (704) 228-9495, that’s (704) 228-9495, so I can say thank you. And I promise that number is actually me. So let’s talk about five ways to collaborate with other women for Women’s History Month. Let’s do this.

What’s up everybody, it is Jess Ekstrom, and welcome to Business on the Bright Side, the podcast where you can learn how to make a living and make a difference at the same time. Life is short and so is my attention span. So let’s get started.

So, five ways that we can collaborate with other women this month. This episode is especially relevant to people like me who are type three on the Enneagram. And I originally had trouble I feel like collaborating with other women because I felt like I was in competition with them. I was the kid in gym class who had to be first on like the warm-up lap. Now looking back, it was just embarrassing. But I have come a long way and now I realize like what a gift it is and how much more fun it is to collaborate with other people, especially women.

So that first way that you can collaborate with other women is do a swap or a trade for the things that you need. This is one of my favorites. And it’s so easy. There’s no like official structure or anything to it. So what is it that you need right now? Is it reviews? Is it feedback on a course that you’re creating? Is it like even graphic design services or maybe new pictures for your Instagram Feed? And then who else is out there that might need something that you can provide? Maybe you’re a copy editor, or maybe you have really cute earrings that you make on your Etsy shop. And then can you partner with someone out there that also needs what you need and you can do a swap or a trade of services?

This is a really great way. Sometimes I’ve done this before with like speaking coaching where I needed one of my friends who was really good at SEO to comment on my website and see where I could optimize my website a bit more for search engines. And then I gave her some tips for her speaking, and it was such a great trade because we both walked away happy and knowing what the other person has to offer.

The second thing that you can do to collaborate with other women is host a giveaway together. So this is really a great way to cross-pollinate audiences and get exposure in front of their audience and vice versa. So finding another woman business owner that maybe has a product or service that is complimentary to yours but isn’t doing the same thing that you’re doing. So maybe one of you is a photographer that does shoots for bloggers, and then the other one is a ads manager that helps get exposure for bloggers. Can you do a giveaway of a shoot and like a one-month service of ads for your blog? So I had a lot of trouble getting that out. I was like, I promise I had this in my head before. So can you partner with another woman and host a giveaway together on social media or like Facebook, whatever platform you want to use?

The third way is can you do a newsletter swap? So a newsletter swap is when you have someone that maybe has a similar list but with different people on it, but similar size and engagement, and you do a newsletter about them and something that they’re promoting and then they do a newsletter about you and something that you’re promoting. And oftentimes I will write the newsletter for them and they will write the newsletter for me. So all we have to do is then copy, paste, and tweak into our own language. This is a really great way to get new exposure to someone’s lists and also share with your list someone that they may or may not already be following and what they have to offer.

So I did this with launching Chasing the Bright Side. I teamed up with three other authors that were also launching books at similar times that were in my genre and we all did a newsletter swap. And I will tell you, this sold more books for me than like being in People Magazine did by getting in front of the right audience and partnering with the right people. And so this was the thing that was like the ticker for book sales. And speaking of books, if you’re interested in getting your book published, I have a free Book Pop Workshop webinar to help you get a traditional publishing deal for women. So head to businessonthebrightside.com and sign up for my Book Pop Workshop webinar and get your book published.

The fourth thing you can do to collaborate with other women is do a joint Instagram Live. This is one of like the lowest lifts things that you can do to collaborate because you literally just have to hit a button and go on there. So doing a joint live is really great because it gives you the opportunity to get exposure to their audience and vice versa, but in a really personal way being on video. And actually our guest next week, Natasha Samuel, she was actually going to talk to us about being on video and some things that we can do there. But doing a joint Instagram Live is super easy. One of you goes live first, the other one joins in, hits request to be in their video, hit accept. And then what you can do is after the live is done, you can save it, you can repurpose it as like a audio version for a podcast, but then definitely save it to your IGTV so it lives on your profile.

And the fifth way that you can collaborate with other women this month is maybe create like a pop-up co-branded course or offering together. So this is something that can live temporarily. Maybe it’s a quick mastermind or a coaching program or a closed community or a course, but who is someone out there that you have complimentary skillsets with that you could join forces and teach people something and give them a real full picture, full service offering? So for example, my friend, Kate Rosenow, she is really good at like systems and her whole course is like built for business and how you can create the nuts and bolts of your company while I am better at the creative, the marketing, the brand positioning, the messaging.

And so before, we have teamed up and done joint masterminds, coaching sessions, courses. And hopefully we’ll do another one in the future, but it was something that was really great because she could answer a lot of the questions that I couldn’t and vice versa. So maybe there’s someone out there that is really complimentary and kind of the missing puzzle piece to a really cool offering that you can provide your audience. I’ll leave you with this. If there’s room for everyone at the top, then we might as well support each other and make it fun along the way.

Next week on Business on the Bright Side, we have Natasha Samuel, host of The Shine Online Podcast, and she’s going to show us three ways to use video to connect with your audience. So hit subscribe so you’ll automatically get the episode. And I will see here on Monday.

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